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Photo Gallery Volume II

James Cotton / Mojo Buford
& the Bob Lanza Blues Band

Bernie Worrell - BB's Blues Benefit
Sunday, May 25th 2003
Billy Cherensky, Steve Pozzelanti

"Bernie Worrell & Bernie Brausewetter"
BB's blues benefit 5-25-03


Sonny Rhodes & Rick 5/04

B.B. & Rick 5/04

Sonny Rhodes 5/04

Sonny Rhodes 5/04

"Lizzy Ray & the 72 Blues Band"
on Tour from Australia

BB sits in with Lizzy Ray

Jerry Lanza & Arlo Guthrie
Jerry gives Arlo directions to
Orphan Annie's Blues Jam
On Wednsday Nights

Rick Romano - Pat Dinizio

Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens, '03

AnnMarie & Maureen

Halloween 2002


CD Release Party - Saturday, September 14, 2002
For The Benefit Album "Jersey's Talkin-Live"

Frank, Rick, Anne Romano

Rick & Phil

Joe Morrison

Randy Jackson of Zebra

Texas Slim

Vero & Chevy - '03


Big Al, Jerry Lanza, Rick

Phil & Pattie

The TVO Band

Ed Avila, Jerry Lanza,
Texas Slim, Arron Comess

Texas Slim &
The East Coast Blues Band
With members of The Spin Doctors
Arron Comess, Texas Slim,
Anthony Krizan

Nasty Ned, Lee Fink, Rick
September 2002

Dave LaRue, Van Romaine, Glenn Alexander

"Cruizin for a Bluezin" early 80's
Jerry lanza - Mike - Tino - Bobby Lanza

Jerry Lanza, Katie, Terry

Otto & Katie